Downtown Newark

"BCS has changed my fitness life! The coaches are PHENOMENAL, kind and will challenge you. No workout is EVER the same and you can get an intense burn happening in just 10 minutes. They're committed to all around health and fitness - not solely focused on weight loss or short term results."

- L. Joseph, Brick City Strength member


BCSA is geared toward working with the surrounding student population through before, during and after school programs. Currently working with both middle and high school students, we are bringing physical and mental well-being to the forefront of understanding to the youth with whom we have the opportunity to teach. We are currently in the midst of teaming up with ACE to provide a Personal Training curriculum to those high schools interested in providing this platform for their senior student population.


BCS Training For Life

With over 10 years of personal training and group training experience, and an array of different areas of training and education, Brick City Strength brings expertise and solid, caring personal interactions to each and every client that walks through the door. We have 1-hour group classes, 30-minute HIIT classes and a few other specialty movement classes to offer our clients.


32 Maiden Ln

Newark, NJ 07102

Tel: (973) 622-3123

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